We are an instrumental duo. Our credits include having provided pre-concert entertainment for Harry Belafonte, Jimmy Buffet, Julio Iglesias and Kenny Loggins, all while they were in Hawaii. Our corporate clients include: Sony, ATT, Coke Cola, Dr.Pepper/7up, Coors, Intel, Taco Bell, Motorola, Cisco Systems, and dozens more. Our Latin album, Pan-a-Cabana, was featured in July 2002 on the largest Hispanic TV network in the world, Univision. We have appeared on Home Shopping Network and set a new sales record (to that date).  As of now, July 2011, we have 8 Hawaii Music Awards for all 8 of our CD's.  

I play parallel lead pans and some double seconds, and Junko plays double seconds.  Our pans are made by Chris Wabich, Ellie Mannette and Dave Berry. My introduction to pan was at the University of California, Berkeley. Having been a professional trap set drummer, I took a class at Berkeley in 1985, and fell in love with steel drums. For that year I performed with the Berkeley Steel Orchestra, then moved to Hawaii. Junko and I met at a Christmas party in 1994. She liked the sound of the instrument and began coming to band rehearsals, later learning a few tunes and sitting in with us. Her musical background is classical piano, so she had a well trained ear and picked up pan quickly. By 1996 we had formed a duo, and a couple years later got married. She is from Tokyo and is the world's first professional female Japanese pan player. Our cultural and musical differences help to define our sound. We are dedicated to this instrument and are full time musicians. but that's a story too long for here.

Contact info: If you are planning an event, we specialize in background music for weddings, dinners, cocktails, grand openings, registrations, etc. Phone/fax (808) 735-6003, e-mail gmacd@aloha.net, or write to Greg and Junko MacDonald at PO Box 161083, Honolulu, HI 96816. Please email us (gmacd@aloha.net) to get on our mailing list. If you are planning your event through an agent, destination service, or other such provider, we would be happy to work with them to simplify your efforts. Below is a short video of Junko playing Fur Elise at a wedding.